Smartmath Practice – a digital solution for numerical problems

SmartMathI did mathematics with statistics until seventh form – or Year 13 as it is now known. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it or was very good at it, but I did feel it was important as it worked out my brain in a way that history and English did not. In the olden days when I was at school you didn’t have any inspiring online whizzes and bangs. You had your maths teacher and a textbook riddled with the rubbed out scribbles of past sufferers. Some call mathematics beautiful, in its complexity but I just found it to be one battle after another. These days help is at hand for people like me. With the development of online learning we get to experience maths in a more interesting and colourful way.

An example of this is Smartmath Practice which is an interactive and fun way for those aged 6 to 14 to improve their math skills with activities, tests and quizzes. There is something about having an online avatar shake their pom poms at you when you get something right that makes the whole learning experience so much easier. There are no furrowed brows looking your way nor big red marks through your work. Just a lot of online love and support as you make your way through the questions.

Who knows maybe my life would have been different if I had come to enjoy maths as much as history and English? Certainly the bohemian poverty of an arts degree graduate has worn as thin as the pleather on my shoes. Maybe if I had taken maths instead of history I could be cruising these streets in Manolos or Jimmy Choos instead of my three for two deals from Number One Shoes? Smartmath Practice is a great way for students at all levels to improve their maths skills. As for us more “mature” users, maths is much more fun in bright colours without the pressure of exams and judgement. Maybe people like me can still find the beauty that others see in numbers.

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