The first Freerange Little Prints book – Chickens in the hen house

Freerange Press has produced two essential books about post-quake Christchurch:

  1. Christchurch: The Transitional City Pt IV which documents the temporary and the pop-up in our town (including libraries),
  2. 50 thought-provoking essays, and visual projects as included in Once in A Lifetime: City-building After Disaster in Christchurch.

Now they’ve branched out, and launched Freerange Little Prints for the younger set. Their plan is to publish kids’ books with themes of “the city, politics, design, art, pirates”. The first Little Print off the press is Chickens in the hen house by Wendy Kissel, with bold and bright illustrations by Kelly Spencer.

Chickens in the hen house

It’s supercute, and Kiwi – with tī kōuka, chicken coops, and kids playing and counting. It’s the kind of book that’d be a great Christmas stocking filler  – perfect if you want something small, thoughtful, and bright as a button.

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