An eResource revamp!

people using computers in libraryUsually it is not until the New Year that we start to think about a bit of personal remodelling. Perhaps a new outfit or a gym membership to try and rediscover the muscle hiding under that soft flesh we keep accumulating.

Well this year EBSCO have got in early and remade one of our popular teen eResources, Student Research Center. It is being replaced with the mobile friendly – and more Australasian-centric –  Explora Australia/New Zealand. This new multimedia reference tool for high school and tertiary students searches across fourteen eResources in a single search. Some of these include:

What does this mean for Student Research Center? Well basically EBSCO is removing it from their books. Our access to this eResource will cease on 15 January and you will be redirected to Explorer Australia/New Zealand and eResources Discovery Search as the alternative.

So we will start a new year with a new eResource specifically aimed at high school and tertiary students in New Zealand. This I am sure will end up being much more useful than many New Year resolutions made in the heat of the moment. I should know – there are a pair of pants hanging in my wardrobe that I have sworn to myself for the past two years I will get back into. Oh the delusion!

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