My word! Quotes by New Zealand women

Massey University has released a list of contenders for 2015’s Quote of the Year, and the lack of quotes by women was noted in  this article by Alex Casey in The Spinoff: Are New Zealand’s Quotes of the Year Really All By Men?

WORD art in Auckland. Flickr: 2013-05-18-IMG_7052

This seems odd. There are heaps of top quotes from New Zealand women writers this year:

Paula Morris at the On belonging WORD Christchurch session.

People think when you’re a writer and you haven’t written a novel for ten years that you’re just lying around eating bon bons all day.

Fiona Farrell (at the Imaginary Cities WORD Christchurch session)

I find great poignancy & loveliness in our constant attempt to make life better.

Margaret Wilson is eminently quotable – here are some from her WORD Christchurch session on the struggle for sovereignty:

The economy is not an end in itself.

Dairy farmers will be sold out in the interests of getting a political agreement.

Media is owned by people who don’t give a stuff about the media.

At the Auckland Writers Festival, Aroha Harris said:

History is one of the most powerful colonizing tools available. Especially if you are writing it from your point of view as a hero.


For all you lovers of words, see also the splendiferous annual wordup Public Address word of the year.

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