Slow Down: It’s Christmas

Christmas is busy enough without the combination of end of school year events, preparing for holidays, managing heat, burnt sausages and then the relations coming to stay.

The Slow Movement encourages us to – well, slow down. Slow is the new black if you were to believe all the books written on the subject.  Perhaps now is the time with all the bustle, bad driving and endless searching for the ultimate gift to take a deep breath and S.L.O.W.

You could try:

Cover of Whole food slow cooked Cover of Slow Stitch Cover of Slow reading Cover of The art of slow writing Cover of Slow Gardening Cover of Fed up with frenzy Cover of Slow train to Switzerland Cover of Don't just do something, sit there Cover of The kinfolk home

The host of RNZ Sunday Mornings Wallace Chapman has a book Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There: A Manifesto for Living the Slow Life. Or you could create a Slow Home – Kinfolk home: interiors for slow living.

Cover of A slow passionPerhaps the ultimate in slowness is to read about snails! A Slow Passion: Snails, my garden and me by Ruth Brooks sounds like the most delightful book. As a gardener frustrated by the damage snails were doing, Ruth Brooks started on a ruthless mission to eradicate these annoying blighters and ended up becoming (slowly) fascinated by their habitats and behaviours.

A Slow Passion is a sweet, funny and surprising investigation into the hidden life of snails, which will change the way you look at the smaller (and slower) things in life.

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