Get ready for Summertime Reading Club

With only a couple of weeks left of school you can start thinking about how you want to spend your summer holidays.  It looks like it is going to be another hot summer, which means you’ll either want to be outside enjoying the sun or find somewhere cool. Reading is something you can do in all sorts of places; lazing in the sun at the beach, perched in a tree, beside (or in) the pool, or in a tent.  While you’re soaking up some rays and a good book you can also be participating in our Summertime Reading Club.Summertime reading club The Summertime Reading Club is our annual reading competition, that is open to anyone from 0 to 16 years who is a member of Christchurch City Libraries. This year the Summertime Reading Club challenges you to read for as many minutes as you can throughout the summer.

All you need to do is pick up a reading adventure map from your local library, keep track of how many minutes you read for each day of the competition, then bring it back to the library after Monday 18 January and get a librarian to enter you in to the draw. There are some really cool prizes this year, including iPads, books, pool passes and movie passes.

Summertime Reading Club runs from Friday 18 December until Monday 18 January. Check out our Summertime Reading Club page for more information.

We have heaps of suggestions for books that you could read over the summer holidays. Check out our kids’ booklists for ‘If you like’ suggestions.  We’ve also just released our 2015 Holiday Reading Guide which includes some of our favourite reads for kids and teens in 2015.

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