eResources Discovery Search – all you need to know

The library has a massive array of eResources. Some are for pleasure like OverDrive with its eBooks and eAudiobooks, while some target your information gathering needs such as Academic OneFile and Student Resources in Context.

There can be no doubt that the information supplied in these eResources are useful, but they are so very well hidden. Now we have a solution! Let me introduce you to eResources Discovery Search (eDS). This allows you to access to most of our eResource collection, articles, eBooks, journals, photographs and more, through a single simultaneous search at a single access point.

I wanted to call it Loogle – a library take on Google, but no one else was keen. The name indicates the ease in which you can access information in one search. The only difference is your results have been through the peer review wringer, been examined by gatekeepers in black cloaks, and tested by experts smelling of old books. There are no web weirdos here trying to mislead you with their basic HTML skills, just reliable, easy to find and cite information. In other words it is what librarian heaven looks like and you are being invited in!

Next time you have homework, a work query, a general knowledge question or just a curiosity about a random topic then please use eResources Discovery Search. It is the library’s new best friend and it will soon be yours!

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