Dinosaur footprints: A story of discovery – and it’s Dinosaur Day on Saturday 21 November

Dinosaur Footprints: A Story of Discovery is a national touring exhibition brought to you by GNS Science and New Zealand Oil & Gas and supported in Ōtautahi by Christchurch City Libraries. It is on now at Fendalton Library.

Dinosaur footprints

In 2009, geologist Greg Browne found dinosaur footprints in the Nelson region, which are thought to be 70-million years old! They are thought to have been left by plant eating Sauropods – the largest animals to ever roam the earth and the first ever evidence of dinosaurs in the South Island!

Dinosaur Day Saturday 21 November 10am to 4pm at Fendalton Library

Join us in this day of Family Fun! With 3D dinosaur printing, augmented reality books, 3D colouring, dinosaur storytelling and more. There will also be some craft activities for children with ‘The Make Company’. To reserve a place for these please book online.

Snap a selfie at the exhibition and upload to social media with #dinosinchch and be in to win cool dinosaur LEGO!

Dinosaur eResources

World Book Kids
An interactive encyclopedia with dinosaur articles, video and images. It includes articles all about dinosaurs including the Pterosaur which had a wing span of 12 metres! That explains why the word “dinosaur” is derived from two Greek words, meaning “terrible lizard”.

National Geographic Kids
The digital archive of the National Geographic Kids Magazine includes articles, images, videos and colourful online books all about dinosaurs. Did you know that dinosaur bones were mistaken for dragon bones when they first discovered 2,000 years ago?

Cover of We're going on a dinosaur digOverDrive for Kids
If you’d like to know more about dinosaurs, try these free online resources for kids. You may need a library card and PIN number for some of these – ask a librarian if you need help. Lots of eBooks and eAudio books about dinosaurs such as – Dinosaurs Love Underpants, Bruce the Brachiosaurus and We’re Going on a Dinosaur Dig.

Britannica Library Teens
The online version of Encyclopaedia Britannica provides articles, videos, pictures and journal articles about dinosaurs and palaeontology. There is even an article about fossilized dinosaur poop called coprolites which tell us about a dinosaurs’ diet!

Science in Context
Includes the latest news in the field of palaeontology, articles from magazines, academic journals and video and audio content. Learn about the debate about what caused their extinction – asteroid or volcano?

Cover of Lost Worlds of Aotearoa Cover of Dino-birds Cover of Yes! we had dinosaurs Cover of Dinosaur New Zealand Cover of Dinosaurs Cover of Dinosaurs love underpants Cover of Bruce the Brachiosaurus

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