Finding your Ireland

There are few countries with a more complex socio-economic and political past than Ireland. There are also few countries in the world with stronger links to New Zealand than Ireland. Many people including my own ancestors fled in the Irish diaspora and crossed the World to make a new start here in Aotearoa. My Great Grandfather left Galway in the 1860s to arrive in Bluff and latter marry a local girl called Jane. Who his parents were, and how he felt about leaving them all behind, has been lost to the mists of time.


I would love to learn more but researching your Irish roots has always been difficult with many early Irish genealogical records lost to fire in 1922, during the Irish Civil War. While this makes things a little less straightforward there are still ways to trace and/or understand your family in Ireland and historic newspapers are one way to fill that gap. So let me present a new eResource to you – The Irish Newspaper Archives. The archives are designed to give you insight into 300 years of Irish history through 40 searchable Irish newspapers, many unavailable anywhere else. Have a play with it from home or in libraries. As the Irish quote says – You’ll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind. So get on with it and see what you can find!

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