OverDrive staff Picks – a glimpse into the library psyche

Recently we added a collection of lists under Featured Collections on the OverDrive page. One of these is Staff Picks which is a growing list of eBooks and eAudiobooks that staff have enjoyed off OverDrive. So far the titles seem to be dominated by the fantastical with a drop of naughty and a large dose of the intellectual. If that doesn’t sum up librarians I don’t know what does!


Please note under Featured Collections we also have a number of other collections that you can see when you hit the All Collections link including:

  • Scandinavian Authors – cold landscapes and murders investigated by dysfunctional detectives;
  • Pulitzer Prize – nominated or winners;
  • New Zealand – if you love local content try Wheelers as well;
  • Clean Reads – ok for your Mum or Nana to read or listen to;
  • Books behind the Movies the book including the eBook is always better!

Now that our OverDrive collection is growing we hope these lists can help bring forward random titles that may get lost in a collection the size of a small library. There are no physical shelves to browse only pages to be turned to view the expanse of the OverDrive collection, but it is worth it.

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