The delusions of the aging

My 13 year old niece came to stay with me in the weekend. I had not been in sole charge of a teenage girl before so I planned shopping and physical activities to keep her happy.

I was told by her mother that the weekend was a success, but personally it left me feeling rather bereft. You see despite having turned 40 I still think I am young. For example I still believe that I am perfectly capable of performing any sporting activity I put my mind to. In this case it was at the YMCA’s Clip ‘n’ Climb where you climb up a variety of high walls in a safety harness. I felt perfectly confident that I could beat my niece in a climbing race, but half way up all I could do was stop and concentrate on not vomiting all over the colourful walls. When did I enter my decline? When did my strength and waist leave me? What can be done?

Well, luckily for us there is help at hand from our trusted health eResources:

  • Consumer Health Complete – has a great video showing liposuction using what can only be one of my Grandmother’s knitting needles. Ick!
  • Health and Wellness Resource Center – has risk assessment tools to estimate your chances of having a stroke, cancer, diabetes etc. It was almost enough to make me put down my peanut slab.
  • Health Source – learn about “stuck syndrome” where you feel like you’re hopelessly trapped in a meeting, at work or social gathering so you reach out for bad food for relief – the story of my life!

We have many more eResources for you to examine as well but in short they all say move it or lose it. This is bad news for someone like myself who wants to spend her life on the sofa reading books yet if I want to be able to scale great heights again without encountering my gag reflex apparently it is time to move!

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