New Zealand Fashion in pictures: Our Flickr

For New Zealand Fashion Week we’re sharing some of our favourite images of New Zealand fashion.

The Christchurch City Libraries Flickr account is a treasure trove of local images. We have photos of library events and displays, things we see around the city (buildings coming down, and going up), but we also have photos that have been donated for digitising from members of staff and the public, often as part of our annual Photo Hunt competition.

And, my word, there are some great outfits captured in those photos. Here is just a selection  –

Fantastic frocks

Papanui High School Prefects and House Captains
Papanui High School Prefects and House Captains, 1948, Flickr File reference: HW08-IMG-FE066
Mother and Daughter
Mother and Daughter, 1951, Flickr File reference: HW08-IMG-HA081
Wendy & Ina Bradley
Wendy & Ina Bradley, Circa 1967, Flickr File reference: HW08-CE134
Debutante Ball, Akaroa
Debutante Ball, Akaroa, 1969, Flickr File reference: HW08-img-fe113
Three cousins
Three cousins, 1971, Flickr File reference:HW08-img-ce104

Stylish Couples

A Well Dressed Couple
A Well Dressed Couple, ca. 1940, Flickr File Reference: HWC08-ANZC-096
With my husband at a friend’s 21st party.
With my husband at a friend’s 21st party, 1967, Flickr File reference: HW08-IMG-HA102
21st Birthday Party.
21st Birthday Party, 1971, Flickr File Reference: HW08-IMG-HA086
At the pub
At the pub, Early 1970s, Flickr File reference: HW08-IMG-CE099

Splendid Weddings

Wedding Day
Wedding Day, 1948, Flickr File Reference: HWC08-UR-029
June and Malcolm Campbell’s wedding
June and Malcolm Campbell’s wedding, 2nd April 1955, Flickr File reference: HW10-S-Sp-052
Wedding day
Wedding day, 1960s, Flickr File Reference: HWC08-ANZC-009
Dickson/Butler wedding party
Dickson/Butler wedding party, 4 January 1969, Flickr File reference: HW-08-FE-06

Want to see more? Try –

One thought on “New Zealand Fashion in pictures: Our Flickr

  1. Gallivanta 26 August 2015 / 9:10 pm

    Oh, we do scrub up well. 😉 A wonderful selection.

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