3D printing parts – Hover board lifts off


Luka is a Year 7 student from Cobham Intermediate. Luka has entered his home built “Hover board” which utilises Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) technology into a school science fair. He was encountering some issues with one of the housings holding the magnets. He 3D modelled himself a new design using Google SketchUp and contacted us to see if we could 3D print the parts for him.

We jumped at the chance to help. Luka’s project is amazing; we are glad that we are able to assist as this is why we embraced 3D printing in the first place. It allows our customers access to technology that they may not normally be able to utilise.

At this stage there is not a specific system or pricing structure in place for customer 3D printing, but with enquiries ramping up, we will be working on it. Watch this space.

If you want to see something really inspiring, here is a clip of Luka’s hover board in action:

Danny McNeil
South Learning Centre

Know thyself – New Zealand eBooks with Wheelers

KTT WheelersWhen I came back from London I remember sitting down to watch TV and laughing quietly to myself when there was an ad for chainsaws. It reminded me yet again that being a New Zealander is actually a thing – we do exist with our own culture and character. Why this should continue to be such a revelation to me was largely due to growing up and being told that I am “Irish, Scottish and English”. I can’t really remember being told I was a New Zealander until I actually went to Ireland, Scotland and England. They were under no illusion that I was one of theirs and I had the visa restrictions to prove it.

One way to absorb, enjoy and learn about New Zealand’s unique culture is through its fiction and non-fiction. This is where Wheelers comes in with eBook titles by New Zealanders or about New Zealand. We can learn to be better parents with psychologist Nigel Latta (a native of Oamaru), or contemplate the loss of life in the Tragedy at Pike River Mine by Rebecca Macfie. If it is escape we seek then we can lose ourselves in the historical fiction of Jenny Pattrick or Deborah Challinor.

While all Kiwi kids should know the names Mahy, Cowley and Lasenby.

Cover of Magpie HallWheelers continues to promote New Zealand authors with our Community Read making Magpie Hall by Rachael King universally available.

So regardless of your ancestral background if you have grown up in these shaky isles you will find stories familiar to your heart in Wheeler’s local content – a welcome reminder that we are New Zealanders and we are home.