Fashion magazines: inspirational, or evolutionary leftovers?

416345574_lgFashion magazines have come in for a lot of criticism. People are critical of the illusionary effect of Photoshop to carve away waists, arm flab and create blemish free darlings with thigh gaps and extra white teeth. Are young women and men suffering trying to live up to these ideals that owe more to computer programming than healthy eating?

As someone with three nieces, I have posted more than one video on their Facebook pages showing how cover girls are created – make up, lighting and computer magic. I tell them weight is about health not about the ability to squeeze into skin tight jeans that will only lead to cystitis. (No they have yet to defriend me)

Despite the need for us all to be media savvy, there can be no doubt that at the same time we are fascinated by what we see. Fashion magazines still sell because though few may enter that world some say there is an evolutionary need to seek out beauty, appreciate creativity and basically people watch. At one point in our history, a symmetrical face free from blemishes indicated good genetic stock and those who knew how to create things led us from the cave to double glazed homes. We also needed to evaluate people quickly to see if they were friend, foe or competition. This may seem a leap in thinking, but if so explain to me Kim Kardashian?

Whatever your opinion of fashion magazines the library does have access to them in both print and digital format with Zinio for Libraries and PressDisplay. With Zinio you can read Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar for free – at the same time as the print comes out. When you do, just remember – beauty is fascinating, but fleeting.

Cover of Marie Claire (Italian) Cover of Vogue France Cover of Instyle Cover of Marie Claire Cover of Elle Cover of Esquire Cover of Nylon

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