Recent necrology, July 2015

Some well known people who have died recently

  • Cilla Black, 1943-2015
    Singer and television presenter who delighted audiences with her unaffected humour
  • Owen Chadwick, 1916-2015
    Anglican priest and academic whose writing on Christianity was both scholarly and entertaining
  • Cover of RagtimeAlan Curtis, 1934-2015
    Scholar, harpsichordist and conductor
  • Ronald Davison, 1920-2015
    Former New Zealand Chief Justice who was at the centre of some of New Zealand’s defining legal moments
  • E L Doctorow, 1931-2015
    Writer who detailed America’s murky history of socialites and mobsters in novels such as Ragtime
  • Harold Feinstein, 1931-2015
    Cover of One Hundred ButterfliesPhotographer who shot Coney Island’s characters and was at the heart of the New York jazz scene
  • John Maxtone-Graham, 1929-2015
    Author and speaker who left the theatre to celebrate the lost splendour of transatlantic liners
  • Ivan Moravec, 1930-2015
    Czech concert pianist whose refined interpretations of Chopin echoed beyond the Iron Curtain
  • Cover of Live in PragueRoger Rees, 1944-2015
    Actor who made his name as the passionate hero in the RSC production of Nicholas Nickleby
  • Mario Sereni, 1928-2015
    Italian baritone, former lathe operator, who became a Metropolitan Opera mainstay
  • Omar Sharif, 1932-2015
    Dashingly handsome Egyptian film star who triumphed in Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago
  • Cover of When I Stop Talking You'll Know I'm DeadJon Vickers, 1926-2015
    Canadian tenor who rejected a farmer’s life to bring reverence and brute force to the operatic stage
  • Jerry Weintraub, 1937-2015
    ‘Mr Fixit’ of showbusiness who promoted Elvis and Sinatra and produced Ocean’s Eleven

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