Every Story Tells a Picture competition

Every Story Tells A PictureIf you’re a high school student in Christchurch who wouldn’t mind winning some Westfield vouchers, check out the Every Story Tells a Picture competition.

Hold up, didn’t the library do that last year? That was Every Picture Tells a Story – this is the same idea with a twist! What you need to do this time is create a piece of visual art inspired by something within the library’s collection. You can enter your art under three categories – 2D, 3D or Photograph. There are separate age groups so we will have a Junior (years 9 – 10) and a Senior (years 11 – 13) winner in each category. That’s a lot of chances to win!

So, what to do? My artistic skills don’t really extend too far past stick figures and zen doodles but that doesn’t mean I can’t still create something cool. Plus I could get out my shiny new colouring pencils – colouring in is a highly underrated stress relieving activity.

Cover of Nail Art SourcebookI’ve been really impressed by book-inspired nail art (seriously, Google it!) and this could fit into the competition perfectly. I wouldn’t recommend chopping off your entire hand and entering it into the 3D category, but ten perfectly painted acrylic nails could look pretty cool against a book cover.

I wonder if I could bear letting my Lego Harry Potter minifigure out of my possession long enough to be in the competition. Probably not.

Rachael Chamberlain
Upper Riccarton Library

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