Recent necrology, June 2015

Some well known people who have died recently

  • Ornette Coleman, 1930-2015
    The most intellectual of jazz musicians, the godfather of free jazz
  • Ronnie Gilbert, 1926-2015
    Founder member of The Weavers who was known for her rich contralto voice
  • Cover of RangioraJames Horner, 1953-2015
    Film composer who won two Oscars for Titanic and provided soundtracks for films as diverse as Braveheart and Richard Eyre’s Iris
  • Richard Johnson, 1927-2015
    Dashing actor who turned down James Bond and became a stalwart of the RSC, film and television
  • James Last, 1929-2015
    German-born composer and big band leader known for his ‘happy music’
  • Graham Lord, 1943-2015
    Journalist and biographer who shook up the world of books with a prize for ‘readable’ fiction that was the most lucrative of its day
  • Patrick Macnee, 1922-2015
    Actor who brought Etonian nonchalance and jaunty eccentricity to the part of Steed in The Avengers
  • Cover of Marguerite Patten's Best British DishesRon Moody, 1924-2015
    Gifted actor celebrated for his tragic-comic performance as Fagin in Lionel Bart’s Oliver
  • Barbara Reynolds, 1914-2015
    Dante scholar who was better known as the biographer of Dorothy L. Sayers
  • Cover of The HuntersJean Ritchie, 1922-2015
    Musician who introduced the mountain dulcimer to the wider world and traced the Appalachian ballads of her youth to Britain
  • James Salter, 1925-2015
    Fighter pilot turned novelist whose precisely crafted books explored war, sexual desire and heartbreak
  • Gunther Schuller, 1925-2015
    Composer and conductor who won a Pulitzer Prize, played with Miles Davis and wrote two books on jazz
  • Cover of The Dwarf Who MovedCarole Seymour-Jones, 1943-2015
    Writer who explored the love lives of Vivienne Eliot and Simone de Beauvoir
  • Ernest Tomlinson, 1924-2015
    Composer and conductor, doyen of the light orchestral world

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