Te Kupu o te Wiki – The Word of the Week

Kia ora. To celebrate Te Reo Māori we are publishing weekly kupu (words).


Te amorangi ki mua, te hāpai ō ki muri.
The leader at the front and the workers behind the scenes.

This is a reference to Marae protocol where the speakers are at the front of the meeting house and the workers are at the back making sure everything is prepared and that the guests are well looked after. It is important to note that both jobs are equally important, and are like the ying and yang, for without one, everything would fail.

Kīwaha (colloquialism)

Nāu te korikori.
You make the first move (I’ll follow you).

Kupu (word)


Ko Āpia te taone nui o Hāmoa.
Apia is the capital of Samoa.

Watch video of someone pronouncing this kupu.

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