The Quotable Auckland Writers Festival

Here are some of favourite quotes which I managed to write down during the Auckland Writers Festival. I was struggling to rank them in a list from best to awesome, but you can judge them according to your own taste and preference.

“Reality is a bit more than we think it is.” Ben Okri

“The only limit with your story is imagination.” David Walliams

“If people read their authors, it’s their richness.” Ben Okri

“My stories are always unpredictable to myself” Haruki Murakami

“You feel like a magician when you write.” David Walliams

“I’m writing books for my people, not for my country.” Haruki Murakami

“Good thing is that people are writing books about what we’re doing wrong.” Charlotte Grimshaw

“I like the audience to have their view of the songs.” Hollie Fullbrook

“It is important to try and inspire those ones who don’t read, to read.” David Walliams

“Truth can hurt, but not knowing can hurt more.” Alan Cumming

“Curiosity is willingness to step in somebody else’s shoes.” Atul Gawande

“We don’t love our past enough to bring it into our present.” Aroha Harris

“History is one of the most powerful colonizing tools available. Especially if you are writing it from your point of view as a hero.” Aroha Harris

“More knowledge from parents to children.” Xinran

“We are in an age, when a move from home is a mythic experience.” Anna Smaill

“Everyone has an amazing story to tell.” David Walliams

“Remain yourself. Your experience is the most interesting. Be what you are.” Alan Cumming

“Hearts get broken over the breakfast table.” Anton Chekhov (only present in spirit and quoted by Hollie Fullbrook).

“You should always have a picture of a 100% boy, even when you have 78% husband.” Haruki Murakami

What I realized transcribing these quotes is that some of them are deeply embedded in the context of writer’s work or their life experience. But what makes them so beautiful is their universality. Everyone can interpret them in their own way.

2 thoughts on “The Quotable Auckland Writers Festival

  1. Alireads 20 May 2015 / 10:59 pm

    What a great post! Here’s my fave from my notebook.

    “Hope is the only thing that balances life out for anyone” – Laurie Halse Anderson

    “Sonnets are the Little Black Dress of poetry” – Carol Anne Duffy

    “Words are insubstantial when it comes to the immensity of grief” – Ben Okri

    “Books are irrelevant in the same way that radio or bicycles are irrelevant… that it is to say, they aren’t. They occupy a difference place now than they used to but there’s a devoted community of readers who still come in their thousands to festivals…” – Emily St John Mandel

    I’ve figured out a theme: It reads like a dictionary! Writers are super keen on describing what things are… who knew…?! 😛

    Then there’s this one which I think is my favourite: “We think of history as ‘that’, as a separate part, a different story. But there is no end to history, it moves right up to now; history becomes us.” – Helena Wiśniewska Brow

    • mashaccl 21 May 2015 / 10:55 pm

      Alison thanks for adding to the list and making greater! Next time, we should sum them together!

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