Holy Cow, the X-Files

TVIt’s coming back, ladies and gentlemen. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Yes, X-Files fans the world over (or X-Philes as we like to call ourselves) got the rock solid confirmation they were waiting for this week when Fox announced the date that a new six-episode series of the show will air.

24 January 2016. Scribble that excitedly in your diaries, fan-kids.

It remains to be seen which local TV channel will pick up the option to screen this and how quickly it will make it to New Zealand but in the meantime we have all nine seasons of the show on DVD if, like me, you feel like you need to update your X-Files knowledge. It’s been a while and I’m having trouble keeping all those aliens, malevolent parasites, evil clones, genetic mutants, and possessed tattoos straight in my head.

Other things you might consider checking out between now and January next year include –

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