Free Comic Book Day

On Free Comic Book Day – Saturday 2 May 2015 –  I went to Comics Compulsion in Papanui, and we bought a My Little Pony comic and got some freebies.

Meanwhile 31 teens were at Papanui Library celebrating Free Comic Book Day with a fun workshop and pizza and comic swap. Spencer Hall and Elijah Lopez, two graphic artists, helped the budding comic-makers with drawing technique tips and advice.  Comics Compulsion came to the party with free comics.

Free Comic Day at Papanui Library

Spencer thought the teens “made some really great work!” He animated some of their pictures together on his blog.

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Learn how to 3D design and print

Want to learn how do 3D modelling and printing? We have two classes coming up at South Library tailormade for you:

Beginners’ 3D Design & Printing
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 (6:00PM – 8:00PM)
South Library

Beginners’ 3D Design & Printing
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 (6:00PM – 8:00PM)
South Library

3D Printing

In this class you will learn how to use free, basic 3D modelling software to design and 3D print, using biodegradable PLA plastic.  All you need to know to do before doing this course course are basic computer skills such as how to save a file and use a mouse. Cost: $25 per person. Phone 941 5140 or email to book.

A very booky week – WORD Christchurch Autumn Season, and the Auckland Writers Festival

If you like exploring new ideas, if you revel in reading, if you are partial to intelligent and funny conversation – 12 to 17 May2015 was a winner of a week!

Auckland Writers Festival

In Auckland we reported back from the litfest-apalooza Auckland Writers Festival. We tweeted with the hashtag #awf15.

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Cover of Colorless Cover of Being Mortal Cover of Not my father's son Cover of Station Eleven

WORD Christchurch Autumn Season

Christchurch played host to the WORD Christchurch Autumn Season. We attended sessions, blogged, and tweeted (hashtag #wordchch).

Read our WORD Christchurch blog posts.

Cover of H is for hawk Cover of Awful Auntie Cover of Hack Attack Cover of Bone Clocks

Xinran and the one child generation in China

Xinran became famous with her first book – the bestselling semi-memoir, The Good Women of China. We have this title as an eBook too.

Xinran was born in Beijing in 1958, and grew up in the Cultural Revolution before migrating to England in 1997. She was a popular broadcaster and journalist in China. She currently resides in London and writes for The Guardian.

Cover of The Good women of China Cover of Miss Chopsticks Cover of China Witness Cover of Buy me the sky

She writes in Chinese and is translated by Esther Tyldesley. Her books include Sky Burial (2004), Miss Chopsticks (2007), China Witness: Voices from a Silent Generation (2008) and, more recently, Buy Me the Sky (2015).

Xinran began writing about women’s issues and life stories. More recently, her books cover cultural, economic, and other social issues too – before, during and after the Cultural Revolution. These topics are largely neglected in popular memoirs. She explores apolitical populations, and coming of age in the Cultural Revolution – reflecting thoughtfully on changes, expressions of loss and loneliness.  She aims to reveal the true China.

XinranWORD Christchurch gives me an opportunity to hear Xinran talking about her latest book Buy Me the Sky which focuses on China’s one-child policy’s impact. As a Chinese woman with only one daughter, I am keen to hear her understanding and interpretation about China’s one-child policy – she, like me, is a mother who grew up during the Cultural Revolution and has only one child.

WORD Christchurch recommends

Anna Sun
Upper Riccarton Library

Te Kupu o te Wiki – The Word of the Week

Kia ora. To celebrate Te Reo Māori we are publishing kupu (words).

Kīwaha (colloquialism)

Hoake rā!
Let’s go!

Kupu (word)


E whitu ngā moana nui o te ao.
There are seven great seas of the world.

Watch video of someone pronouncing this kupu.


This week in Christchurch history (11 to 17 May)

11 May 1891
Sumner Borough formed.

Sumner [1895], CCL PhotoCD 7, IMG0090
Sumner [1895], CCL PhotoCD 7, IMG0090
11 May 1908
Colosseum becomes the city’s first picture theatre. The building was claimed to have the largest wooden span in New Zealand. It had previously been a skating rink, a boot factory and a cab stand. It was demolished in 1931 to make way for New Regent Street.

13-15 May 1920
Visit of Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII).

One section of the unprecedented crowd in Latimer Square. The Weekly Press, 19 May 1920, p. 24
One section of the unprecedented crowd in Latimer Square. (Inset) The crowd in Cathedral Square before the Prince has passed on the way to the military review in Hagley Park. The Weekly Press, 19 May 1920, p. 24

14-15 May 1886
Flooding in city centre.


14 May 1868
“Lyttelton Times” publishes evening paper, The Star.

14 May 1907
Fire seriously damages the Antigua Street boatsheds.

14 May 1908
Municipal tepid baths in Manchester Street open. It was described as “the finest indoor swimming pool in Australasia”.

14 May 1947
Mabel Howard (Sydenham) becomes Minister of Health, the country’s first woman Cabinet Minister.

16 May 1975
Opening of Four Avenues, New Zealand’s first State alternative education school.

More May events in the Christchurch chronology: a timeline of Christchurch events in chronological order from pre-European times to 1989.