Recent necrology, January 2015

Some well-known people who have died recently

  • Cover of Joyful ArchitectureIan Athfield, 1940-2015
    Eminent New Zealand architect whose whimsical and eclectic designs both offended and inspired
  • Rod McKuen, 1933-2015
    American singer-songwriter, musician and poet
  • Elena Obraztsova, 1939-2015
    Russian mezzo who took New York by storm but was criticised for supporting the Soviet regime
  • Ronnie Ronalde, 1923-2015
    Virtuoso whistler and bird song impersonator whose skills were admired by Frank Sinatra and John Peel
  • Cover of The Collected Letters of Katherine MansfieldDemis Roussos, 1946-2015
    Greek singer who sold 60 million albums and became an unlikely kaftan-wearing sex symbol
  • Robert Stone, 1937-2015
    Novelist who wrote bold American morality plays and courted danger in Vietnam and Central America
  • Rod Taylor, 1929-2015
    Actor who brought Australian machismo to Hollywood and starred in Hitchcock’s The Birds

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