Sandcastles in the Sand

Summer is well and truly here so grab your bucket and spade…and spray bottle, masonry trowel, spatula, and books on sandcastle building and get down to the beach because you could carve out a sand sculpture at the Fourth New Zealand Sandcastle Competition! The competition is being held at New Brighton beach (right by New Brighton Library) on 7 February 2015. Also, buy yourself a beach bag, sounds like you’re going to need it for all that equipment.

While you’re at the competition, come in and visit the friendly folks at New Brighton Library and check out some fiction related to sandcastles. If you require some musical inspiration for your sandcastle efforts, Robin Sparkles sings the titular song of this blog.

Cover of The sand castle Book cover of Castles made of sand Book cover of Sand Castle Bay

For some pics from other Sandcastle competitions (including an alien crash on Easter Island) check out our Flickr album.


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