Gavin Bishop and Digital Stories at eBook Club

2014 ended with a flurry of creativity for the budding story tellers of eBook club at the South Learning Centre. After Skype interviewing our local legend, illustrator and author Gavin Bishop, the crew, armed with some great advice on how to become a successful story teller, began illustrating and creating their own digital story.

Gavin Bishop Skype Interview
Gavin Bishop Skype Interview
Ebook Club 2014

Some took inspiration from author Warren Pohatu and others created their own legend using Keynote and Paint.Net.

Many thanks to Gavin for generously sharing his wisdom and time.

Check out two of the stories from our fine young folk.

South Learning Centre

Methodist Mission, Woodend Beach, Christchurch : Picturing Canterbury

Woodend Beach, Christchurch. The Methodist Mission went there every New Year for a week – or two? And ran activities for children, outdoor movies & square dancing. FUN!! Bob? with microphone, “Uncle Ted” on accordion. Behind Bob, Noeline Zuppicich, Gavin Stevens, Colleen Stevens. Late 1950s. Entry in the 2013 Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt. Kete Christchurch. CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 NZ. Kete Christchurch PH13-111.jpg