Recent necrology, December 2014

Some well-known people who have died recently

  • Joe CockerJoe Cocker, 1944-2014
    English rock and blues singer known for his gritty voice and his spasmodic body movement in performance
  • Leslie Dew, 1930-2014
    Christchurch transport historian and author
  • Kent Haruf, 1943-2014
    American novelist whose spare prose gave life to quiet human drama in the fictional town of Holt
  • Cover of PlainsongMichael Kennedy, 1926-2014
    Northern Editor of the Daily Telegraph who became a highly-renowned music critic and biographer of Elgar and Vaughan Williams
  • Virna Lisi, 1936-2014
    Italian actress who abandoned a promising Hollywood career to pursue more challenging roles in Europe
  • Lydia Mordkovitch, 1944-2014
    Russian violinist who made her name in Britain by drawing out the darker side of 20th-century composers
  • Cover of Anthem for Doomed YouthIvor Richardson, 1930-2014
    Eminent New Zealand jurist, legal writer and member of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
  • Jon Stallworthy, 1935-2014
    Poet and literary scholar whose biography of Wilfred Owen shaped public understanding of the First World War
  • Jean Watson, 1933-2014
    New Zealand author and humanitarian, whose charitable work in India was recently featured in the documentary Aunty and the Star People
  • Billie Whitelaw, 1932-1014
    Actress and muse of playwright Samuel Beckett who terrified as the hellish nanny of The Omen

This week in Christchurch history (5 to 11 January)

5 January 1940
First echelon of Canterbury troops for World War II leave Lyttelton on “Dunera” and “Sobieski”.

6 January 1851
The first school (which became Christ’s College) opens in Lyttelton.

7 January 1844
First European child (Jeannie Manson) born at Riccarton.

Digitised copy of page 1 of the Lyttelton Times of January 11, 1851
Digitised copy of page 1 of the Lyttelton Times of January 11, 1851

8 January 1979
First women bus drivers on Transport Board buses.

10 January 1830
“Antarctic” (Captain Morrell) anchors in Lyttelton Harbour, which he names Cook’s Harbour.

10 January 1867
European birds introduced on “Matoaka” to Lyttelton. Species include pheasants, partridges, blackbirds, thrushes, linnets, skylarks, chaffinches, and starlings. The destruction of native insect eating birds by hunting and fire had caused disastrous crop infestations in Canterbury.

10 January 1887
Tramway to New Brighton completed.

11 January 1851
First copy of the “Lyttelton Times”, edited by J.E. FitzGerald.

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