If you haven’t got enough to worry about…

You might think that reading romance novels is a harmless little diversion? Well, it’s not so. Apparently women who read steamy romances are putting themselves at serious risk of an unwanted pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted disease!

Cover of Encyclopedia ParanoiacaAccording to British “relationship psychologist”, Susan Quillaum, this is so and she cites a research survey that found that only 11.5 % of romantic novels mention condom use. The report, all scientific of course, found “a clear correlation” between the frequency of romance reading and a negative attitude towards condoms.

And where does this disturbing fact come from? It’s in a delightful book called Encyclopedia Paranoiaca which gives a vast amount of information about things we can worry about.

Reading itself is discussed, especially reading on the toilet which gets a stern absolute “No” from the interestingly named Dr David Gutman, lead physician of American Haemorrhoid Specialists. However, Doctor Gutman recognises that a lot of people like doing this so he suggests that when people have done their business they can resume reading by putting the seat cover down and sitting on that.

Let your worries accumulate by learning about the dangers of photocopiers, pine nuts, skinny jeans, prune juice, drinking from a straw, dental floss, coffee mugs…

Perfection ice cream truck : Picturing Canterbury

Perfection ice cream truck, 1965. Christchurch Photo Hunt 2013, Kete Christchurch PH13-343