Zinio for Libraries – prepare for your eMagazine conversion!

Over 1,000 copies of eMagazines are downloaded from Zinio For Libraries each week from our library. Zinio is a digital library of eMagazines. The over 300 eMagazine titles contain the same content as the print and are released at the same time. The most popular eMagazine in October was Hello Magazine and in November it was The Economist.

It is hardly surprising our attentions shift to the economy now that we are close to Christmas and having our purses sucked dry by promises of eternal happiness if we would keep buying, drinking and eating. With costs high and wages low I have become a bit more of an economist myself and subscriptions can cost a lot of money.

What will these eMagazines cost you on Zinio for the same content? ZERO, $0.00, Nadir, Zip, Naught, Blank, Nix, Zilch. In other words nothing. The five minutes it takes you to sign up could save you hundreds. You can even sign up for email reminders when a favourite title comes in.
Zinio Cover of Hello Cover of The Economist Cover of New Zealand marketing Cover of Pets   Cover of In style

All you need is your library card number and password/PIN and an internet connection to download the eMagazine to your portable device from home or in libraries. You can read it offline after that and it it yours to keep until you decide to delete it.

Search the catalogue for titles on Zinio for Libraries.