Summer is coming – let’s dine al fresco

Cover of Weber's Complete Barbecue Book Throw off the winter blues, get out the BBQ, clean it up, heat it up and get cooking!

Barbecuing tips from the family chef:

  • when cooking fish on the BBQ, wrap it in foil with sliced lemon and herbs
  • when making kebabs, soak wooden skewers overnight in water before using to prevent them from burning
  • when cooking steak turn only once to prevent dry meat and to allow each side to become crunchy… it really works
  • put marinades on towards end of cooking as sugar or honey in them will cause burning
  • fruit is lovely for afters; cook in foil with sprinkles of brown sugar
  • ladies, don’t get caught in the trap of men doing the cooking and you cleaning up the barbie before and after cooking!

Check our library books and eBooks for wonderful recipes and hints on the best ways to barbecue.

Cover of The Great Bloke's BBQ Cookbook Cover of Salad Cover of Ribs, Chops, Steaks and Wings Cover of Fired up Vegetarian Cover of Beach, Bach, Boat, Barbecue Cover of The BBQ Book Cover of Ben's BBQ Bible Cover of Weber's Time to Grill

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