Julia Gillard in person – and in Christchurch

Cover of My StoryI am pretty excited about Thursday night (20 November) – am off to listen to ex-Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
She will discuss her life and politics with Joanna Norris, editor of The Press. It is fair to say she had a tumultuous time of it – not only “robust” political battling, but also confronting some shocking misogyny.

You can also get a copy of her book My Story and get Julia Gillard to sign it – a fine gift for the politico in your life.

This WORD Christchurch event is selling like proverbial hot cakes – so book now. She will be smart and frank, as per this quote:

“If you think you’d like to see yourself in the media, you’d like to be a celebrity, you know, try out for Big Brother – politics is not for you. You should only do it if you really know why you’re doing it.

“Will it end in tears? Yes, absolutely. The day after I finished being prime minister, starting to pack up my office, I took a call from Paul Keating who said to me, ‘We all get taken out in a box, love. Sorry, sorry to hear about you. We all get taken out in a box, love.’ And never a truer word spoken.”

More about Julia Gillard:

Learning more: Hillmorton Network News episode 4

Hillmorton Network News Episode 4 is ready for viewing.

These are the reflections of student learning throughout their year.

Student 1 – “Getting to be a presenter was a big part for me. I want to do well and stay working at a high standard. Working with Jimmy is a big help and gives me comfort to talk confidently in front of the camera.”

Student 2 – “I learnt how to take wide shots, 2 shots and about the imaginary line between cameras and people being interviewed”

Student 3 – “I  learnt to cooperate with people, direct an interview with confidence and edit footage in iMovie comfortably.”


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Ballantynes’ Fire Anniversary

Today marks the 67th anniversary of the Ballantynes’ Fire. The fire at the Ballantynes Department store in Christchurch on 18 November 1947 was the worst fire in New Zealand’s history and 41 people died.

If you want to find out more about this tragic event, Christchurch City Libraries has a resource that features transcripts of articles from newspapers and other sources about the fire. It includes contemporary news reports and photographs.

Archives New Zealand, Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga, has posted news reel footage from the National Film Unit. It’s gripping.

A special ceremony today will celebrate the completed rebuild of the Ballantynes fire memorial at the Ruru Lawn Cemetery in Bromley. Relatives of people who died in the fire will attend.

Ballantyne Memorial Rose Garden Tribute to Kitty Webb Moira Forde rose