Grand November Show : Picturing Canterbury

Grand November Show, 1886. Christchurch City Libraries, CCL-696820-001

Freegal Friday – animal noises

In honour of the A&P show this week we decided to give you livestock-themed titles to browse. I honestly thought that I’d be pushing my luck to be able to pull together such a selection but I was pleasantly surprised by some of these and will be downloading The Monas and Killed By The Bull tracks. YMMV of course, but that’s the beauty of having such a huge pool of music to choose from – something for everyone.

Tres Cabrones by the Melvins Chicken Run movie soundtrack Black Sheep by Julian Cope Manic Sheep Killed by the Bull Genuine Bull by Bintangs Animal by The Monas Mechanical Bull by The Kings of Leon Gift Horse by Mark Minelli