A tower of giraffes – Christchurch Stands Tall

There are 49 large and 50 small giraffes in Christchurch this summer. So what do we call that big a group? I checked out our page Animal Group Names (Collective Nouns) and came up with herd, corps, troop, tower. Have you spotted any of this tower of giraffes?

Christchurch Stands Tall is a public arts project:

Giant fibreglass Giraffe sculptures, reaching 2.5 metres high, are now standing tall on the streets, parks and public spaces of Christchurch and surrounding areas until 24 January 2015. At the end of the public art exhibition … the Giraffes will be auctioned so we can all be part of raising money for local charities …

There are quite a few of these lofty lovelies at local libraries including Lyttelton, South, Aranui, and New Brighton.

New Brighton giraffes
Batman Giraffe at New Brighton Library
Christchurch Stands Tall giraffes and dogs
Christchurch Stands Tall giraffes and dogs at Lyttelton Library
Giraffe at South Library
Lorde’s an influence at South Library – chalk it up like Yea!
Christchurch Stands Tall giraffes at South Library
Christchurch Stands Tall giraffes at South Library

Aranui’s Rocket

Rocket the Giraffe
Aranui’s Rocket giraffe visits Parklands

Jan-Hai Te Ratana of Aranui Library reports on their own giraffey adventure:

Christchurch Stands Tall is an art trail of life-sized giraffes that will be installed in different parts of the city this summer. Large 2.5 metre giraffes were offered to Christchurch artists that submitted applications, and the remaining 1.3 metre calf sized giraffes were set aside for schools. After seeing that no schools in our area applied for a giraffe, Aranui Library lobbied the event organisers to see if we could apply as a school for our very own in-library giraffe.

Over a couple of weeks we worked on the planning and design stage. and in the holidays the children worked on the blank giraffe canvas with paint nd brush! The finished giraffes were collected at the end of October, are on the trail over the summer. The large artist giraffes are then auctioned off, and the proceeds will go to local charities.

Our calf-sized library giraffe will be allowed to reside at Aranui Library.

Find out more:

4 thoughts on “A tower of giraffes – Christchurch Stands Tall

  1. Luka Larrs 12 November 2014 / 5:27 pm

    They are so beautiful and colorful.

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