This week in Christchurch history (15 September – 21 September)

16 September 1864
Opening of second Town Hall, built of stone next to the first hall in High Street.

The old town halls, High Street, Christchurch  [between 1864 and 1882] Christchurch City Libraries, CCL PhotoCD 10, IMG0020
The old town halls, High Street, Christchurch
[between 1864 and 1882]
File Reference CCL PhotoCD 10, IMG0020
18 September 1980
Theatre Royal bought by Theatre Royal Charitable Foundation to be renovated and preserved as a theatre.

19 September 1865
South Island Separation Bill defeated in Parliament by 31 votes to 17. Find out more in Papers Past, including report on the Separation Debate, Daily Southern Cross, 21 September 1865.

19 September 1904
Naxos searchConcert by pianist Jan Paderewski. He later became Prime Minister of Poland. Read Bernice’s blog post on President Paderewski.

20 September 1916
Canterbury Aviation Company founded by Henry (later Sir Henry) Wigram. Read The First hundred pilots – a brief history by Henry Wigram recounting its beginnings.

21 September 1867
Trout introduced from Tasmania. The ova were reared in special covered ponds built in Hagley Park next to the hospital. Salmon were introduced a year later.

More September events in the Chronology.

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