Words + Music – Kristin Hersh at WORD Christchurch

Last night was a night of magic women in the Cathedral – Eleanor Catton, followed by an evening of words and music with Kristin Hersh of Throwing Muses. Her festival bio:

American songwriter, guitarist and author of the memoir Paradoxical Undressing (Rat Girl in the US). She founded the seminal art-punk band Throwing Muses at age fourteen and is widely recognised as an indie rock pioneer. She is a mother of four, and lives in New Orleans.

WORD Christchurch literary director Rachael King was excited to present one of her musical heroes, and the crowd was excited. I heard lots of longtime fans talking to each other animatedly before Kristin took the stage. We were all keen, and our hopes for something special were more than met.

Kristin’s voice – be it singing, or reading – had the audience spellbound – at once commanding, droll, and compelling.

A favourite moment was hearing the song Your Ghost. It was a night of pleasurable shivers. Bravo WORD, Bravo Kristen.

Kristin Hersh
WORD Christchurch literary directory Rachael King introduces Kristin Hersh
Kristin Hersh

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