Lianne Dalziel: WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival

WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival kicks off on 27 August. We’ve asked three quick questions of festival guests:

Lianne Dalziel – Mayor of Christchurch

What (or who) are you most looking forward to at WORD Christchurch?

I’m really looking forward to winning the Great New Zealand Crime debate on 30 August!  I’m part of an amazing team, featuring Steve Braunias and Martin van Beynen.  The other team obviously won’t know what it is talking about when faced with our brilliant team!  The MC is the very clever and witty Joe Bennett, which will also be a highlight

What do you think about libraries?

A library is one of those core critical community assets, which not only connects us with the world of literature and information, but is also a place where people connect.  It is often the first place where new migrants go when they are looking to settle in to a new community.  Of course, there is also the free Wi-Fi on offer!

Share a surprising fact about yourself.

I believe my success in life was built on a foundation of a love of reading.  As a child, Mum would come in to my bedroom at night to turn off my light and once she left, I would switch on my torch and read under the blankets! I literally consumed books as a child, and I still do so when I get the chance.

One thought on “Lianne Dalziel: WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival

  1. ma1co1m 22 August 2014 / 2:10 pm

    “I literally consumed books…” yikes! I hope they weren’t library books.

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