Rosetta Allan: WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival

WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival kicks off on 27 August. We’ve asked three quick questions of festival guests:

Rosetta Allan – poet and novelist

Cover of We need new namesWhat (or who) are you most looking forward to at WORD Christchurch?

 Oh there are too many to list, but I’ll give it a try:

and that’s just a handful of the artists I want to see.
I am going to be a busy, and very happy festival attendee.

What do you think about libraries?

I walk in and out of my local Mt Albert library at least twice a week.

Every time I notice a few things:

  1. The happy staff – and wish I could have their job.
  2. The high occupancy of most available seats, by a multi cultured and age varied populace busy reading or tapping on keyboards.
  3. That lovely shelf that has a selection of books waiting just for me, and the person next in alphabetical line to mine, who must be retired because she reads a LOT of books.
  4. How lucky I feel to be able to access so many amazing books and documentaries from such a happy place, all ordered online and delivered to my neighbourhood, and it’s all free!

Yes, I am particularly fond of libraries, for completely selfish reasons.

Cover of PurgatoryShare a surprising fact about yourself.

I have a rose tattoo.

My husband asked me to marry him two weeks after we met.

I said yes and he had a rose tattooed on his deltoid.

25 years later I had the same, but smaller, rose tattooed on my wrist.

It was my way of saying yes to the next 25 years together.

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