Bernadette Hall: WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival

WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival kicks off on 27 August. We’ve asked three quick questions of festival guests:

Bernadette Hall – poet, playwright, and writer

Cover of Bird NorthWhat (or who) are you most looking forward to at WORD Christchurch?

I’m thinking that I’ll go for a cocktail of poetry and edge. I want to find out more about the short stories of Breton Dukes and make the journey to Hicksville with Dylan Horrocks. And there’s exciting stuff on the poetry scene. I’m looking forward to celebrating as Kerrin and Hinemoana launch their new books. And then there’s the Lyttelton love story from Sarah Amazinnia and Andy Coyle which promises to be electrifying. And Kristin Hersh and Aldous Harding on song-writing. Sorry novelists, I’ll catch you if I can.

What do you think about libraries?

I adore libraries. What pleasure to entrust yourself to the random wisdom of a library. How often does a book I really need leap out and grab me as I potter between the stacks. It’s as if my feet have been led to a particular spot, my hand to a particular shelf. That’s how I found Coco Chanel: an intimate life by Lisa Chaney. Or rather, that’s how it found me. As did The Case for God by Karen Armstrong. And KISS, KISS, YUCK, YUCK by Kyle Mewburn.  Sweet entrapment in the Hurunui Memorial Library.

Share a surprising fact about yourself.

I guess people might be surprised to know how obsessed I am with dead fish and seaweed. How I drag these things home from the beach. Or how much I love horse droppings. Given the choice at a roadside stall, I’d take a sack full of the stuff rather than a box of black Dawson cherries every time. Thus have I turned a barren, sand and riverstone section into a garden.

Cover of Life and Customs Cover of The lustre jug Cover of The merino princess

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