Trying to understand Gaza

The situation in Gaza is beyond belief, and unfortunately for a lot of us it is also beyond understanding. For as long as I can remember there has been news of conflict, as a child in the 60s I remember my parents talking about it, and sadly I probably have as much understanding now as I did then. Now that the results of the latest war are screened at dinner time and it is hard to avoid. My mantra of “oh this is all too difficult and complex to understand” needs to come to an end.

Our BiblioCommons catalogue thankfully has people willing to share their own reading and understanding. Using the List search and a keyword such as Gaza, Palestine, Israel etc will bring up any number of lists that customers and librarians have created. They generate interesting titles from a wide variety of views.

If you wish to read comment from all around the world then The Source is a good place to start.  Try looking at Gale Megasearch using the keyword Gaza for example.  Other options are newpapers for example Proquest Australia and New Zealand. Here are some recent titles that we have purchased:

Cover of The Dark Side of Zionism Cover of Meet me in Gaza Cover of The General's son Cover of The idea of Israel Cover of My promised land Cover of Goliath Cover of Dateline Jerusalem Cover of Gaza: a history Cover of Cursed victory

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