Biggest comfort whisperer born every minute – Reality TV meets reality books

Cover of Jamie's Comfort foodFor many, reality television is akin to devil worship. It is considered voyeuristic, cheap television, and a symbol of all that is wrong in the world. Admitting you watch this type of TV – and perhaps even like it – could, in some circles lead to instant social isolation! If you have been exposed to this type of exclusion then a way back into the social milieu could be to  casually mention that the library embraces reality tv – warts and all!

Think of all the cookbooks from the likes of Jamie and his School dinners, Nigella and Masterchef have spawned? New Zealand’s Hottest Home baker now has its own Alice in Bakingland.

Project Runway has not only raised its host Tim Gunn to the giddy heights of bestsellerdom but contestants have also gone on to produce their own material. Remember Trinny and Suzannah in What not to wear, there was always a waiting list for these two, and who could forget Gok, now not only the savour of the fashionably inept he has now gone onto not only help us look good on the street but in the kitchen as well!

The diet industry has led to many a torrid reality TV watching experience, and The Biggest Loser host Bob Harper has gone onto become a bestseller and diet guru. Jo Frost – our favourite Supernanny – has just put out a new title and the TV programme One born every minute has its own spin-off.

Not even dogs are safe…Cesar Millan aka The dog whisperer has his own books and DVDs.

Cover of One born every minuteNot only has reality TV created its own publishing bonanza it has supported a plethora of books on interior design and craft and design (thanks to My House Rules, Mitre 10 dream home, and Kevin McCloud).

Our CD collections now feature the likes of Stan Walker winner of Australian Idol, and who could possibly forget Britain’s Got Talent Susan Boyle?

So the next time someone scoffs as you chat about last night’s elimination in ‘My Kitchen Rules’, just remind them that the library has plenty of books, DVD’s and CD’s that could help them keep more up with the play.

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