Hillmorton Network News promotes South Library

HNN (Hillmorton Network News) is a specialised schools programme run by South Learning Centre, an initiative being trialled in 2014.  It is a television venture run by Hillmorton Year 7 and 8 student group to ‘Celebrate Success‘.  Hillmorton’s new school Years 7 to 13 is showcased, student achievement celebrated in the classroom, on the field, in the art room and within the community.

Students  work alongside school staff to integrate H.N.N requirements within curriculum time to produce material for each broadcast. Students meet with South Learning staff for guidance  to learn production, scripting, technical skills and how to compile all features, reports and news into a production.

Student reporters report on weekend sport, local school news, community events and international news.  Library news, promotions and activities have regular slots within episodes.

SLC staff assist students learning how to conduct interviews, promotions and reviews for their broadcasts.  iMovie is used for final presentations, digital video cameras for recording interviews, green screen for backdrops and iPad apps to encourage public speaking. Check out our latest broadcast.

In our Learning Centre, students experience e-learning programmes aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum document. These programmes provide learning in a technology-rich environment and the teaching within these programmes keep abreast with the latest teaching philosophies and strategies.

If you are interested in working with us to tailor an existing programme or work alongside us please contact us phone 941 5140 or email learningcentre@ccc.govt.nz

One thought on “Hillmorton Network News promotes South Library

  1. Gallivanta 29 July 2014 / 2:35 pm

    Brilliant! Best news I have watched in weeks. 🙂

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