Hey girl, I know you just gotta craft all day

Book cover of Toe-up Socks for Every BodyD’you know what I wanted more than anything else when I was a kid? White, lace-topped socks. You know the kind I mean, right? I thought they were the prettiest things ever, and I never got any. Mum made most of our clothes, because it was actually cheaper then. While I loved the pretty dresses she made me, I did NOT love homemade socks! They were always bulky and itchy, and they were definitely not cool.

At some point in my youth, my homemade dresses became decidedly naff as well. I think “homemade” had connotations of dowdy, old crafts that only Nanas would make.

Book cover of Twisted StitchesWell, if the books in the library are anything to go by, “homemade” is not just for Nanas these days! Want to embroider a cheeky “Tweet this!” cell phone case? we’ve got you covered! Zombie amigurumi more your style? We can help you with that too!

As you may have guessed from my blog-handle, I love to craft, and I just love looking at the craft books in our collection.  I often take them home and drool over projects that I will probably never make. I’ve put together a list of some of my favourites – including the cute, the quirky, and the downright outrageous – so that you can drool over them too. We even have loads of sock books (but no, I’m not planning on making any!)

Te Kupu o te Wiki – The Word of the Week

Kia ora. To celebrate Te Reo Māori  we are publishing kupu (words) every week.

Kīwaha (colloquialism)

Wehi nā
Oh my goodness

Kupu (word)


Te maha hoki o ngā heihei.
There are heaps of chickens.


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Christchurch – this week in history (28 July to 3 August)

29 July 1953
Aviation pioneer Richard W. Pearse dies in Christchurch. Pearse made one of the world’s first powered flights on or about 31 March 1902 in South Canterbury. He moved to Christchurch in 1921 and worked on his astonishing “convertiplane” over many years.
30 July 1976
7 Canterbury men in gold medal winning hockey team at the Montreal Olympics. See our page on Canterbury Olympians.

31 July 1856
By Royal Charter, Christchurch becomes New Zealand’s first city. Christchurch became New Zealand’s first city in 1856 under the terms of a royal charter. This was because it was the ‘seat’, or base, for a bishop. The Reverend Henry John Chitty Harper was consecrated, or made a bishop, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and arrived with his family in Lyttelton on 23 December 1856.

Christchurch chronology
A timeline of Christchurch events in
chronological order from pre-European times to 1989.

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