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Flipping Go Carts with South Learning Centre

Horizons go carts was a collaborative project with Totara Primary School, Oamaru, Opawa Primary and Paparoa Street School. It excited everyone because it had so many fun elements to it.

Firstly students were given a design brief, examples, YouTube clips to discover various go cart models before the class actually started. This pattern continued with students receiving information/ tutorial notes via Google Docs the week prior to each class.

The classroom was flipped upside down…well not literally, but the method of teaching was. The flipped classroom is an educational term which inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside the classroom, making use of 24/7 access to internet and making contact student hours educationally richer.

go carts 004  IMG_0338 IMG_0203

After creating a rubber band powered go cart from recycled materials students then designed their model in Trimble Sketch Up (a 3D software programme). The best voted design was 3D printed.

With help from Science Alive,  students built Lego go carts and learned how to programme them to complete challenges using touch sensors and ultra sonic sensors.

P1030861  P1030835  IMG_1389

Students have kept an e-diary to share their go cart journey including photos, adaptations, videos of fair testing and their Skype ebuddies ideas and opinions.

The grand finale of the programme was a go cart Grand Prix for all schools via Skype!

Watch out for more ‘flipping’ classrooms!
In our Learning Centre, students experience e-learning programmes aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum document. These programmes provide learning in a technology-rich environment and the teaching within these programmes keep abreast with the latest teaching philosophies and strategies.

If you are interested in working with us to tailor an existing programme or work alongside us please contact us phone 941 5140 or email learningcentre@ccc.govt.nz

C’est si bon – French books

French women don’t get facelifts or get fat.
Their children don’t talk back, throw their food, and eat everything.
French parents don’t give in

We yearn for their food and their markets, and spend a year in a villa admiring their sense of interior design.

The guilty pleasure of buttery french pastry is now replaced with the Parisian diet, and A Skinny french kitchen.

We assume that French women know all about love, sex and other matters of heart, but also don’t mind sleeping alone!

Even the French cat and dog outclass the common kiwi moggie or hound.

It would seem that by putting French in the title you have an instant bestseller.  Substitute Kiwi, British or American and it not only doesn’t sound as good – probably no one would believe you either!

Cover of The French dog Cover of What French women knowCover of French parents don't give inCover of Why French children don't talk back