Everybody hurts! – Online health resources

Consumer Health CompleteOne day I was at my doctors whinging about my suffering when she looked me straight in the eye and said “No one goes through life without pain”. She was right. We are complicated biological organisms and sometimes we break!

With the advent of the internet, we tend to look here for all our health information needs when we are unwell. Look hard enough and before you know it you have the plague rather than a common cold. The library has numerous online resources to help in your health inquiries. They have been reviewed by health experts (rather than just those with basic web page construction skills). Have a look at:

  • Consumer Health Complete: (new!) This covers all areas of health and wellness from mainstream medicine to complementary, holistic and integrated medicine.
  • Health and Wellness Resource Center:  Authoritative information on health issues. Includes  professional level material.
  • Health Reference Center Academic:  Personal health information sources that offer reliable health information to researchers, students and practitioners.
  • Health Source: Access to two electronic health resources. Health Source: Consumer for general health information and Health Source: Nursing/Academic for practitioners.

Please don’t let Google diagnose your rashes, excretions and scabs for you! Let your doctor do this for you and let these online resources support you.

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