How to debate New Zealand issues

Australia / New Zealand Points of View reference centreNew to our stable of electronic resources is this wonderful resource Australia /  New Zealand Points of View. This takes on all of the topics you may be debating around the dinner table – with perspectives on major contentious social, political, and technological issues relevant to New Zealand and Australia. It will be useful for students as well as us older folk who hate to lose an argument.

Topics cover many pertinent issues in New Zealand today such as the debate about changing the Kiwi flag, gay marriage, and the rights and wrongs of the anti-smacking law. Environmental issues are also covered with fracking, climate change from a New Zealand perspective and whaling all being in the mix.

This resource contains over 130 other topics which all have:

  • an overview (objective background/description);
  • a point (argument) and counterpoint (opposing argument);
  • a guide to the critical analysis of each topic.

Never be left speechless and annoyed again – get all the facts to be able to stand your ground and win the day. You can access this resource from home or in any community library. Let the debates begin!



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