Touch Wood by Gitbox Rebellion – free online New Zealand music

Only a hard heart could resist the  infectious charm of Touch Wood. It is infused with a colourful mix of generic and cultural influences and an undeniable musical passion.

The core-group of Gitbox Rebellion, Nigel, Kim, Jonathan and Russell, are joined by a number of friends on a variety of instruments.

The second Gitbox album is chock full of jaunty, delicate, heartfelt and twisted tunes. This time round, a selection of new instruments are added, including cello, violin, tablas, bass and sheng. Pop, funk, jazz, African, classical, Indian ragas, folk and blues mesh into the group’s sound. Touch Wood is a revolution.
– Suzanne Court, Music in NZ

This album (and over 52,000 more) is available online for free from anywhere with your library card number and PIN.

For New Zealand Music Month we are featuring a daily dose of free online New Zealand music from Naxos Music Library and the Source.

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