A helping hand with World Book Discover!

Despite the rhetoric not everyone gets the same chances in life.

Logo of World Book DiscoverPublic libraries have always had a role in helping to level out the playing field for those of us not blessed with position or wealth. Our goal is to support everyone in whatever endeavour they choose to undertake.

One of the new tools we have to aid us with this is World Book Discover. This product is an online reference resource specifically designed for reluctant readers, people who have learning difficulties and people with English as their second language. World Book Discover contains tools and content specifically for those who need help in reading and comprehension. It includes:

  • Easy-to-read articles on topics of interest that include reading comprehension questions;
  • An uncluttered interface and useful activities;
  • Automated translations into 30 languages;
  • Text-to-speech feature that allows users to hear text read aloud;
  • Individual accounts that allow users to save their research;
  • A section on life skills that helps negotiate financial, health, and housing issues.

Users can access this product from home with their library card and password / PIN, or in libraries from the Source or the catalogue. Its aim is to deliver information in a simplified manner to those who need it.

Have a play and spread the word!

Prospero Dreaming – New Zealand Guitar Music by Lilburn and Farquhar – free online New Zealand music

Today we present New Zealand Guitar Music by Lilburn and Farquhar – the first comprehensive recorded survey of the guitar music of  these two pre-eminent Kiwi composers. Lilburn’s Seventeen Pieces explore the instrument’s wide-ranging potential, alluding to Spanish idioms, the music of Bach and other influences.

The other pieces by Lilburn are taken from his unpublished music. Lilburn’s student, David Farquhar, dedicated his engaging Suite to Ronald Burt, the influential British painter and guitarist, who emigrated to New Zealand in the late 1950s and inspired a new generation of artists to write for and perform on the classical guitar. The title piece of this disc, Prospero Dreaming, evokes Shakespeare’s famous line from The Tempest: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on”.

Performed by Gunter Herbig.

This album (and over 52,000 more) is available online for free from anywhere with your library card number and PIN.

For New Zealand Music Month we are featuring a daily dose of free online New Zealand music from Naxos Music Library and the Source.

Christchurch – this week in history (5 – 11 May)

5 May 1863
Christchurch Gas Company formed.

6 May 1939
New Municipal Electricity Department building opens.

7 May 1917
Canterbury Aviation Company makes first flights from Sockburn Aerodrome, New Zealand’s first airport.

8 May 1975
New Zealand’s first mini roundabout in operation at the corner of Riccarton Road and Deans Avenue.

8 May 1981
Go-ahead given for National Sports Training Centre at Q.E.II Park.

10 May 1975
Ms Vicki Buck becomes the city’s (and New Zealand’s) youngest ever City Councillor at 19.

11 May 1891
Sumner Borough formed.

Photo: Sumner [1895]
Sumner [1895]. Christchurch City Libraries, File Reference CCL PhotoCD 7, IMG0090
11 May 1908
Colosseum becomes the city’s first picture theatre. The building was claimed to have the largest wooden span in New Zealand. It had previously been a skating rink, a boot factory and a cab stand. It was demolished in 1931 to make way for New Regent Street.

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