For the masses: the Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004!

Daily Mail logoThere is only one newspaper in the world that can claim to have helped bring down a British government and also been sued by Elton John. Love it or hate it the British newspaper the Daily Mail is loved and loathed in equal proportions. Catering to readers who want entertainment from their newspaper as well as coverage of important news events, the Daily Mail has criticized everyone from Lord Kitchener in 1916 for not properly supplying British troops to Kim Kardashian and her baby weight.

Its founder Lord Northcliffe identified a gap in the market for a paper that delivered the three things that are always news – health, sex and money. By offering short engaging stories with pictures, the news for the first time reached into the homes of millions, many of whom had never bought a newspaper before.

We now have access to the Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004 with more than 100 years of this major UK national newspaper in fully searchable digital format, with all the  advertisements (including family notices), news stories and images that capture 20th century culture, society and tastes. Love it or hate it, it is a wonderful snapshot of ourselves at our best and worst. You can cross search this newspaper with several other major historical newspapers at NewsVault or search it individually from home or in a local library at the Source or in the catalogue. Have a gander today!

One day’s duck shooting in Canterbury : 1902

Photo of duck shooters in 1902


We have digitised a rather splendid 1902 publication Tourists’ guide to Canterbury.