Jane Austen – the musical

cover of Sense and sensibilityJane Austen has certainly spawned a huge industry – including many movie and television adaptations,  Zombified JA and modern rewrites of her novels by well known writers. I enjoy the films (most) but don’t usually go in for any of the books (Janeite purist?) although I did recently read Jo Baker’s Longbourn with some enjoyment.

Last year we celebrated 200 years since the publication of Pride and Prejudice.  Now Kiwi comedienne Penny Ashton has launched Promise and Promiscuity – a Jane Austen inspired musical – upon the unsuspecting public. Christchurch audiences can see it for two nights – April 11 and 12 – at her old school, Rangi Ruru, which is celebrating 125 years this year. Penny claims to have safely negotiated a tour of Canada and parts of New Zealand without being beaten up by zealous Janeites. More details on Penny’s website  or iticket.

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