Trash or treasure?

Cover of The GatheringThe old adage of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” certainly holds true for books and is what makes  book clubs interesting,  as inevitably the book you love, someone else hates. Bookriot has completed a survey of readers most hated titles and I suspect that every  hated title could be someone else’s most loved. How could anyone not love Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre for example? And what is Gone Girl doing on this list?

So at the risk of offending some of you, and enjoying high fives from the rest, here is my most hated list.

  • Top of my list (and one I rarely admit to as so many people love this book)  is Pride and Prejudice, a  prime example of reading a book at school and dissecting it to pieces that has left me hating all the characters and their silly concerns.  I can’t even enjoy the DVD’s!  Perhaps I should try Pride and prejudice and the Zombies?
  • Next on the list is Lord of the Rings. Ghastly stuff,  and yes I didn’t like the movies either.
  • The Gathering by Booker Prize winner  Ann Enright.  Completely unreadable.
  • The Poisonwood bible.  Far too many snakes and overly wrought, however I have enjoyed all of Barbara Kingsolver‘s other books.
  • Rain by Kirsty Gunn. Oh, I still remember with horror the long long descriptive chapters with not a piece of dialogue in sight.

Cover of Flowers in the atticColleagues seem to be unanimous in their dislike of the Flowers in the Attic franchise and 50 Shades of Grey also features,  but only one person has the proper credentials for this hate-a-thon as the rest haven’t actually read it!

Another on the list for me is The Time Traveller’s Wife as I swear that the book actually made no sense what so ever.

So are you a Pride and Prejudice fan, or are the bad school experiences just too much to get over? Maybe you loved Shades of Grey and can’t wait for the movie, or think that Anne Enright is just amazing?  What is your trash or treasure?