Stop the clocks – 12.51pm 22 February 2011

Clock tower on Madras Street

Sometimes it seems a long, long time ago. Other times you are right there in it.
My nephew was born the day before, now he is a sturdy 3-year-old. My girl had her 2nd birthday a couple of days before, and she is starting school. Those I love mark the time for me.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with the anniversary. Flowers in cones, flowers in the river.

Time to be kind as gap widens is the message from the Canterbury District Health Board. The All Right campaign reinforces the message that whatever you feel is ok.

The Press has been doing a brilliant job publishing reflections and perspectives. Hats off to them. Standouts are:

Victoria Street clocktower
So stop the clocks, and feel what you feel. Our special love goes out to the people we lost, and those who suffer and grieve.  We miss those who have left town, and welcome those who have arrived.
Thanks to workers busy rebuilding, and people busy revitalising their communities. Arohanui Ōtautahi.

Remember, and share

1959900_221230958066863_701586199_nIt is three years today since the devastating 22 February 2011 earthquake. The Civic Memorial Service takes place on the Archery Lawn, Botanic Gardens at noon today. “Three years on we remember the community’s kindness and resilience in the time since the earthquake and we are proud to call Christchurch our home.”

However you do your remembering today it is good to share. Perhaps you will be with the friends, family and neighbours who have helped you or whom you have helped since the quakes.

One way many people cope is by recounting experiences. Here are some ways you can do that:

You can explore our resources: