What was hot at Christchurch City Libraries in 2013

We have had a look into our reports to see what books were most popular in 2013. The popularity of titles is calculated by the number of holds. For e–books and e–audiobooks, it is calculated by checkouts.


And your number ones are:
Cover of The Luminaries Cover of The Third Wheel Cover of The fault in our stars Cover of Catching Fire

and The Official New Zealand Road Code for Car Drivers is top of the non-fiction list.

I feel a special Kia ora and tip o’the hat is due to the many New Zealand authors represented. Eleanor Catton hops off with the top spot in our fiction list and also get 51st place with The Rehearsal, but also on the fiction list are Deborah Challinor for Girl Of Shadows (77) and Fiona Kidman for The Infinite Air (100).

On the non-fiction list, New Zealand publications look even more healthy. As well as the New Zealand Road Code at number 1, there is Dr Libby Weaver in second place (and her books are all over the list). Patched: The History Of Gangs In New Zealand by Jarrod Gilbert is fourth. A History Of Silence: A Memoir by Lloyd Jones at eighth. Plus lots more: Masterchef judges and contestants alike, Jo Seagar, books about quake dogs, Molesworth Station and more.

In the kids arena, Rachael King came in at 64th with  Red Rocks. For teens, Into The River by Ted Dawe weathered controversy and gained 27th place. When We Wake by Karen Healey came in at 94th.

Have a browse of the lists and see what Christchurch was reading!

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